Summer Slacking...

What can I say?  I am a slacker.  The heat has rendered me a kitchen-hater.  We made dinner the other night on the stove for the first time in months....MONTHS I TELL YOU!  And you know what I did?  I grumbled.  It's true.  I'm a grumbler now.

I have made two things since my last post, and I apparently found them so lack-luster that I couldn't bring myself to share.  One of them?  Ice cream!  Frozen yogurt to be precise.  It was good-Cherry Almond Coconut Froyo-but I actually ended up liking the non-frozen product a lot better than frozen.  I don't know if it's because it froze to a rock-like consistency, or if I just wasn't that crazy about it.  Either way, I'd suggest just making it for yourself and not freezing it.  You know what it tastes like?  Yoplait Cherry yogurt.  But possibly a little bit better.  Plus, you could go the healthy-crunchy-green-route and say that you're making your own flavored yogurt.  Way to go you!  Here's a pic of the pre-freezer ice cream (it was also excellent in this stage...maybe my freezer is just too cold?):

I fully admit to eating enough of this that I felt slightly nauseous.  You know why?  Coconut milk.  Holy cow.  I could practically chug the stuff.  I want to use it in anything!!

So yes.  Froyo was good, but once in it's rock-solid frozen state, I didn't touch the stuff.  On to the other thing I made since the last post...

Mmhmm.  I can't even lie.  Every year on December 24th, I bite the bullet, roll  my eyes, and make yellow cake from a box for my husband's birthday.  Then I top it off with "milk chocolate" frosting from a plastic tub.  He. Loves. It.  My silly picky-pants husband loves cake from a box.  It's his favorite.  He has no interest in homemade cakes, no matter how delicious or visually appealing, but he'll down 4 of these cupcakes in one sitting like they're the greatest thing on earth.  Go figure!  So a couple weeks ago Jeff was having a bad week, and while we were at the grocery store he gave me the puppy dog eyes and asked, "Do you think you could make me some cupcakes?  Y' a box?  Yellow, with chocolate frosting?"

:) Little booger.  So of course I did.  And then I admittedly had a couple myself.  I hate to admit how good they are!  I hate how it takes no more than an hour to make them from start to finish!  I hate that there's no skill required, and yet this is somehow what my husband finds most appealing!  It's like buying a $500 dress just to hear your husband say, "Eh, it's okay.  What about that dress you got from Target last week?"

Aaanyway.  As the heat is starting to die down, I'm feeling the urge to bake more.  There are cookie recipes I want to try!  Cakes!  Pies!  Ice creams!  So hopefully you'll hear from me soon...if not?  Keep an eye on that DC forecast.  As soon as it dips back down into the low 80's, I'll be making regular appearances again.  Later gators!
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