First Post!

Welcome to the blog!

After massive amounts of facebook commenting (especially on the part of my wonderful mother and aunt), and at my friend Whitney's suggestion, I am starting a blog about my cupcake adventures.

Cupcake Fridays started at my job. After taking a cupcake class at Hill's Kitchen I decided one Friday to test out one of the recipes on my coworkers. Due to lots of compliments (and because who doesn't like their ego stroked a little?!), I have kept up with this every Friday for the past 4 weeks. My coworkers have become my little taste testers, and I get to try out new ideas...without having 20 cupcakes sitting in my kitchen tempting me every night!

So why cupcakes? Not because they're completely trendy right now (although that's cool)...but because it's the easiest portion control! Have you seen that episode of Sex and the City where Miranda makes a chocolate cake and keeps cutting little slices off over and over until she makes herself throw it away...and then has to pour dish soap on it to make herself stop? Yeah...that'd be me. There's something waaaay too dangerous about being able to slice a cake, versus eating an entire portion of something else!

So here we go with the cupcakes! Enjoy!


Jack said...

Just wanted to make sure I got in the first comment before Danielle beat me to it!! Dad said "I don't even know how to make a blog...these kids nowadays know how to do everything." God he sounds so old! I love's too cute!!! Okay I just noticed it says Jack posted this - obviously wrong but I don't know how to fix it..I guess I'm old too!!!

Jack said...

By the's Mom :-)

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